Thank you for your patience.

We put up a "classic" version of our site as an alternative for customers who experienced problems with our new website due to compatibility issues with certain versions of Internet Explorer.


We have resolved those issues, and invite you back to our new Free Public Records Directory at


The site now operates with Internet Explorer versions 6, 7 and 8 and other web browsers. As such, we have discontinued the Classic

Using the new site

We understand that because the new website has such a different look, it may be confusing to our existing members. The truth is, all of the functionality of the "classic" site is still available in the new version, along with some new features.


The Directory:

If you are more comfortable using the directory in the traditional method, scroll down to the lower portion of the page, where you will see the directory laid out as before (but compressed).  Click on the headings for an expanded page and the layout will become easier to use.

For example, click on "Free Public Records by Type of Record" to reach a page with all the categories listed.

Directory Search:

Try our new link search methods using the blue box in the middle of the page.  There is a handy drop-down menu for "Type of Record" and one for "State" to reach the state directory pages.

You can also find public record databases by inputting a zip code, city & state, or county & state.  Those searches will bring up a page of matching cities and corresponding counties.  Click on any of those to get to a page with links only pertaining to those geographical areas.


Premium Databases:

If you are a member and wish to access our Premium databases, such as criminal records, bankruptcies, judgments & tax liens, or background reports, those services are still here.  Click on the tab marked "PREMIUM HOME" in the left-side margin, under the heading " Services."



Again, the new Free Public Records Directory is located at



For more help, you can refer to this User Guide.